The Aurora Publishing House was founded by the owner Eva Michálková in the year 1993. Approximately 25 - 50 titles are published annually, in particular fiction, translations from English, German and French, but also from the Icelandic and Brazilian languages, further humour, non-fiction, philosophy, children´ s literature and poetry.
      Our attention is mainly concentrated on translated literature, original Czech works being published only exceptionality. Our list of published titles contains books by world-known authors. Aurora constantly tries to place all highly appreciated authors on the world market. For this reason titles translated from less-known languages are included in its publishing plans, for example, from Polish, Dutch and the Brazilian and Icelandic languages. A number of these books has already been published owing to financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Czech literary Fund Foundation, but also thanks to many foreign institutions which promote the publications of translations of their authors. AURORA co-operates with prestigious translators and editors and pays great attention to book design as well. Thanks just to the careful preparation of all the books we publish many translators have won the Josef Jungmann´s Award in a competition organized annually by the Community of Czech Translators and the Czech Literary Fund .

The Publishing House AURORA sells the whole production of the books in its bookshop AURORA, Spálená 53, 110 00 Praha l

Address of the firm:
Publishing House Aurora
Spálená 53
110 00 Praha 1

IČO: 49634585
DIČ (WAT): CZ6452142092


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Eva Michálková, the owner of the Publishing House Aurora

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